About Me

In summary

Hacker, privacy advocate, dreamboat and buddhist.


  • Eye colour: saxe blue
  • Hair colour: mousey brown. At some point I will change it. Maybe to pinky bald
  • Beard: sometimes
  • Tattoos: no
  • Occupation: whatever takes my fancy
  • Sex: male *

Special skills

Insight, logic, computers, persuasion.

Personality type


Or you could just get to know me and form your own opinion.


Buddhism, yoga, philosophy, and baking.


Wit, defiance, competition, fairness, solitude, absurdity.


Selfishness, lack of consideration, deceit, oppression, dogma.

Here are some links to my stuff:

* Apparently “often and good” is a joke for 12 year olds, so I removed it. Which is ironic, as I was told that by a troll… trolls being notable for their sophisticated humour. back up