A password is like a penis

  • a really small one is useless
  • bigger really is better
  • never let someone else use it without your permission
  • only one needs to be memorable, the rest should be random
  • using the same one in too many places may get you a virus or drain your bank account

16 characters at least, pleasehttp://arstechnica.com/security/2013/08/there…, and start using a generator! Here is a script I use to generate them for use on my Mac, and put it on my clipboard. It defaults to 16 chars.

	# usage: new_password 64
	# a 64 character random password now inhabits your clipboard.
	new_password() {
		ruby -rSecureRandom -e "n = '$1'.to_i; n = 16 if n.zero?; puts SecureRandom.urlsafe_base64(n)[0..(n - 1)]" | pbcopy
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Info:- Ruby v2.1.2 - zsh v5.0.2