Bundler is a fascist - again!

I’ve written about the Bundler team and their wish to impose workflows on the rest of us before/articles/bundler-is-a-fascist, and they’re at it again.

Last night I was working on a repo with someone and we came across the change that Bundler 1.10 has introduced. I found it strange at the time but didn’t have time to go into it so updated my version of bundler, pushed the update and on we went. Luckily there’s only 2 of us on this project.

Today I saw these tweets from Charlie Somerville:https://twitter.com/charliesome

Which led me to a Bundler issuehttps://github.com/bundler/bundler/issues/369… that’s been opened about it. To say the Bundler team aren’t listening to the concerns of the devs on this thread is an understatement, but this quote at the end really summed up their all round attitude:

It’s an aggressive change, yes. However, Bundler 1.10.x has been installed about 435,000 times. There have been less than 10 people who have given feedback about this change so far, including both GitHub and Twitter. We’ve listened to each of your feedback, and we’ll keep it in mind as we think about changes to make in the future.

With that said, I’m going to lock this thread, because +1s and rehashing the same points again is just a waste of everyone’s time. Thanks for the discussion, everyone.

They also invoke the Bundler Code of Conducthttp://bundler.io/conduct.html against someone for saying thishttps://github.com/bundler/bundler/issues/369…:

probably a good call to let the rest of the bundled team handle this since you don’t seem to have the users concerns in mind

It’s a bit snarky, but reading the rest of the thread it’s quite fair, and I can’t see which bit of the code of conduct it breaks. Maybe it’s for missing the apostrophe off of “users”? They’re quite pedantic ;-)

So, they admit “It’s an aggressive change” but don’t expect people to complain, when they do complain they get warned, and even though the issue is only 4 days old they decide to lock it because getting +1’s and “rehashes” of the same points is wasting “people’s” time (i.e. theirs) but they had less than 10 people complain?

Where to begin with that statement…? (o_O)

Here’s where. With themselves. The Bundler team really need to look at themselves. If they’re going to make an “aggressive change” then complaints should be expected, their website should warn everybody before it happens - not sit a version behind at 1.9 (1.10 came out last month) - and most of all, they should be less fucking touchy.

Finally, thishttps://github.com/bundler/bundler/issues/369…:

First, please remember that this is a free tool. We fix bugs and add features, at no cost to any of you, by donating our free time. Further demands about what “must” or “should” be done will get deleted without warning.

Fortunately I’ve already written about this too. The title was Open Source excuse/articles/open-source-excuse

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