Collateral Damage

Since the Ashley Madison data was leakedhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-33984017,http://www.wired.com/2015/08/happened-hackers… here’s been a lot of opprobrium towards users of the Ashley Madison site, with a thick coating of glee at their comeuppance (just take a look at twitter). Their privacy doesn’t matter, they are cheats!

But what about all the accounts that marked themselves out as “single”, which right now is estimated at around 40% of the accounts?http://dadaviz.com/s/ashley-madison-revealed

But what about the gay people using it, like this man from Saudi Arabia who is now asking how to claim refugee status because he could face the death penalty?

But what about all the wives/husbands/partners of those registered to the site who have found (or will find) they’re being cheated on, or already knew? No dealing with it in private for them. No chance to save a bit of dignity for themselves. No, they get to have their dirty laundry aired in public, and it’s not even just their circle of friends, it could be anyone that knows.

Privacy matters for everyone, it is a private resource that we all need to protect as a group for the common good, for our own good, and it’s helpful to think about all those involved instead of just the person targeted. If your email account was hacked, it would be more than just you that would feel the pain. The same goes for the Ashley Madison leak, same goes for any breach of privacy.

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