For when you’re in a real jam and can’t use the terminal

Tonight, while trying to hack nokogiri into shape because it keeps referencing the wrong libs (due to hard-coded paths - is there any worse code smell than that?), I lost my patience and decided to delete the system libxslt dynamic library files sitting in /usr/lib.

Big mistake.

It turns out that the terminal requires these libraries to run, or else the message is “[Process completed]”.

It also turns out that downloading alternative terminals won’t work either. I tried one called Terminator written in Java. This gave me access to a terminal, but not to sudo. Sudo uses PAM and it seems from the error messages I was getting that PAM also required the libraries I’d stuck in the trash.


Anything that required a change/check of permissions failed, so I couldn’t drag and drop the files from the trash, nor could I copy them. Admin privileges weren’t enough to save me.

In my desperation I turned to running Ruby through do shell script in Applescript, hoping that the FileUtils library was using a low enough level C to bypass all this, but this wasn’t necessary, as you can access shell commands with sudo through Applescript. Just open up Applescript Studio in Applications/Utilities and use the following script:

display dialog "Please enter your password:" default answer ""
set userpassword to text returned of result
set r to "sudo mv /Users/iain/.Trash/libxslt-plugins /usr/lib/"

do shell script r password userpassword with administrator privileges

Obviously you would change the command r to whatever you needed it to be. Luckily, this worked, and as soon as the files were moved back then everything was back to normal.

Except for nokogiri.

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Info:- OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.6