How To Make A Proper Login Form

  1. Tell me the rules.
  2. Don’t let any of those rules be an arbitrary limit of length under 64 characters.
  3. Don’t let me submit a new password that is longer than the arbitrary and too short limit you’ve set.
  4. Don’t make a rule an arbitrary and too short limit and not tell me and let me create a password longer than that and then allow me to try to login in with a longer password that you don’t then also cut down.
  5. Got it yet?
  6. Stop mucking around with special chars and numbers etc, as all your ex girlfriends will tell you, this ain’t sex where a bit of kinkiness counts, here it’s all about the length, the longer the betterhttp://arstechnica.com/security/2013/06/passw….

There, you’re done. Oh, here’s one I forgot:

  • When I click on “Forgot Password”, if I’d entered my email address on the login form then for fuck’s sake pass it on to the forgot password form, you’ve annoyed me enough already.

Now we’re done.

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